Welcome to @Appledomme's Loser Game ~By AGREEING to the below RULES, you agree to SUBMIT to ANY PUNISHMENT you may receive if you fail ~Your outcome depends on your result, so you may be subject to any number of physical, mental, or financial tasks to please Apple.

RULES OF THE GAME1) By playing, you hereby admit you are a broken beta whose place is to lose to Apple over and over.
2) You will abide by any loser punishments given without hesitation.
3) Once you begin the Loser Game, you won't stop until you've lost.
4) You must not cum or touch yourself without permission.
5) Once you've lost the Loser Game, your job is to spread it far and wide to infect as many losers as possible.

If you're serious about playing, it going to cost you. The initiation fee is £10.

So you're here to lose to me. Is this your first time, virgin? Or your 100th?Choose your level below:

Unlock Level 1 - £10.00